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Online consultation - Copenhagen

• Therapy on phone or over Skype

• Consultation and workshops in Copenhagen

• Processes and workshops abroad

Skype |

Couples therapy and psychotherapy on skype or phone

Parterapi over skype på dansk eller engelsk

• Individual or couples therapy in Danish or English

• One-to-one or group-calls

• Whenever and wherever you want

• Skype consultation is flexible, fast and focused

• Easy, efficient and effective individual or couples therapy

The need for online therapy

• One or both of you are trawling

• One or both are immobile because e.g. work, health or lack of child care

• You are not living in Denmark

• You had individual or couples therapy at the office in Copenhagen but are now abroad

• You want to save transportation time or have an immediate consultation

• You just prefer to have individual or couples therapy at your own comfortable location

• You have online-experience and know that it is flexible, personal, focused and effective

From time to time there is a need for meeting online because of geographical distance.

At other times it is just a practical, flexible and swift solution for the client to meet the therapist.

In other cases the client might be immobilised or in need for acute psychotherapy.

An increasing number of clients for online consultations are travellers, expatriates, business people, scientists, artists, international students etc. and clients who want a Danish and/or English speaking - bilingual psychotherapist or couples therapist. Others just want a psychotherapist or couples therapist, who is available both for face-to-face and online consultation, in order to have psychotherapeutic support no matter where they are.

Some clients I only meet online or we start the process online and then later on we meed at my office or locally. Some clients are with same or different nationalities - travelling, posted or living in Denmark - first seeking therapy at my office in Copenhagen and later on wanting to continue their process over phone or Skype - when they move on or back home.

Sometimes only one of the clients in a relationship are travelling. Then the client in Denmark can then meet up at the office and the other can be represented online via e.g. a phone/pc-setup, so the constellation is almost the same as if we all three physically were there in the same room. Not seldom, I also get inquiries from people in remote areas where adequate psychological support is unavailable. In addition to Skype therapy, private workshops with a single couple also can be arranged in e.g. Copenhagen and combined with a romantic hotel package. Finally an increasing number of clients are Danes living in Denmark, just discovering how flexible, focused, fast, efficient and effective online therapy is.

International experience and languages

I have been working internationally whole my professional life. I have also studied and worked abroad. In that connection I have personally experienced international relationships. As a coach, psychotherapist and couples therapist I therefore have been working with both international business and private clients. I am examined psychotherapist at European standards (EAP & EAGT) and trained internationally (e.g. GATLA). The therapy can be carried out in Danish or English and primarily or supported in German, French, Swedish or Norwegian.

Practical information about online couples therapy

The process:

1. Skype/call in case of questions

3. E-mail data for all participants (see below)

4. Make a bank transfer and send the payment receipt via e-mail

3. Book a meeting and arrange the practicalities

4. Skype/call the therapist and hold the meeting

5. Book e.g. the next meeting

6. Finish the call

Contact information for online therapy

Phone: +45 6166 1900

Skype: kasperthormodlarsen

Information about participants

Before the online consultation the participants will have to fill out a registration form: (paste the url into your browser)

The therapist is not obliged by meetings if the registration form is not received in advance.

Price for online consultation

Per phone or Skype (the client calls the couples therapist).

Online consultation of up to 1:20 hours and usaly shorter

because online/phone/skype-therapy is very focused and efficient.


Couples or individual therapy DKK 1,200 Mon-Thurs. 0900-1730 and Fri. 0900-1600.

Voucher package 5 consultations DKK 5,500 Mon-Thurs. 0900-1730 and Fri. 0900-1600.

All purchases are final and definitive.

Payment for online therapy

• MobilePay

At booking please transfer the agreed amount to MobilePay MyShop No. 15108

• Bank account

Please make the transfer asap / five bank days before the consultation.

And send valid bank receipt at the same time via email. 1400 6284519624

IBAN: DK5320006284529624

Swiftadresse: NDEADKKK

Please note

The client is committed at booking. The therapist is not committet before information and payment is received. Cancellation/changes is FOC, no later than at 09:00 (DK), two work days before meeting. Whether you buy a voucher package of one or five consultations, it is valid the number of consultations times one month, strating from the date of payment, and the purchase does not include any cancellation or buy-back agreement. 

The client pays all expenses. Above number is a Danish phone no. Skype calls are received by phone by the therapist and picture is not always awailable. is not responsible for the connection / any technicalities etc. Set-up and connection may include the consultation time. All attendants must identify themselfs as above. Attendants/listen'ers other than the people named in the registration form are not allowed. It is under NO circumstance allowed to record the conversation.


The work is at the cost, risk and responsibility of the client, nomatter what, how and where. The client is responsible for being fit for process/therapy and is responsible for own decisions, communication, actions and reactions, before, during and after the therapy. Therapy/couples therapy is not a health service and is in no way responsible for e.g. your economy, job, businness, family, life, physical or psychological health. is a private and independent operation; there is no cooperation with insurances or health systems.

The work is considered as carried out in Denmark and under Danish law and practice, no matter where any of the participants/therapist is. Any dispute shall firstly be settled directly or under Danish law nearest by the office of the therapist/ The therapist/ can freely at any time chose differently. Further information about couples therapy please se the menu below. 

Online Skype Therapy | Home

Disclamer, terms and conditions: GDPR Privacy Policy. At order/ booking/ purchase/ payment or by providing kontactinfo etc., the terms and gdpr privacy policy are accepted. All content on and related to this site and any process incl. e.g. text, concepts, tools, templates, models, graphics, test, letterbox, blog etc. is protected by law of copyright. Please feel free to link to this homepage and to refer to the text with source and hotlink. It is prohibit to photograph, record, film and transmit etc. under/ from meetings, conversations, phone conversations, skype etc. and it will in any case result in a fine of DKK 150.000. You may need  Adobe Reader for downloaded files. is not responsible for downloads, file transfers, electronic correspondence, ebooks, tests etc.  All correspondence and data is the property of until other is agreed. Reservations are made against typing, spelling, printing and calculation errors. Booking/ order/ payment/ transfer is a final and definite purchase incl. acceptance of the terms - klippekort, package vouchers, combined packages, prepaid products, materials etc. are voluntary, personal and after Danish law and the terms not covered by any regrets, cancellation, refunds, buy back or transfer agreements etc. One voucher, combined product or prepaid product etc. (klip) is valid one month from payment (due payment latest) in normal working time and by calender. The period of validity cannot be prolonged. Unused vouchers (klip) are non-refundable, no matter reason or consequence. Voucher packages (klippekort) are not to be compared to any other voucher package (klippekort, oplevelseskort, gavekort etc.) or any other discount/ voucher package (klippekort, oplevelseskort, gavekort etc.) at any other organisation. Freebies, test, articles, ebooks etc. are at your one risk and responsibility and cannot be redeemed, exchanged to cash, returned or cancelled. In case of prepayment, the therapist is only obligated when required information, payment and bank receipt is received. Cancellation and changes later than 0900 two workdays of is charged at 100% no matter the reason and consequence. Mobilepay is used for payment and other means like cards and cheques are not received.  Receipts are only issued and handed to the client at the actual meeting and not at any later point, nor  copies are issued/ send. Therapy is not a service and no service is provided, nor included in the price. The office is not open before or after booked time and delays must immediate be informed personally. At delays more than 15 min. the therapist can cancel the meeting at the cost of the client. The method is no matter of the commercial title of the product psychological - psychotherapeutical. People are different and need different treatment. Concepts, klippekort, vouchers, offers and information etc. from the therapist, emails and on this site etc. is neither a recommendation nor an advice, but an opportunity and the choice/ responsibility is always the clients. All process/ work/ psychotherapy is always and in any way at the cost, risk and responsibility of the client. The client self must always drive the clients own process and inform when challenges as well as the client self always is responsible for what is heard and interpreted including own decisions, communication, actions and reactions, in any way. Psychotherapy cannot discard or replace medical judgement, diagnosis, recommendation or treatment. Always contact a MD/ Doctor/ Physician if doubt, symptoms or illness. It is required that you are suited for process/ work/ psychotherapy and that your MD/ Doctor/ Physician vouches for that you are sufficient I-strong. You may only meet up clear, sober, well and non-contagious. Only the agreed participants and e.g. guests who previously and timely before the meeting have paid and supplied with required personal and contact information are received - failure in this cannot cancel an agreement (consultation) without full cost of the client, weather it is oral or written. Children are only received by agreement. Babies cannot be received at the clinic. The office is excluded from food, drinks, tobacco, strong perfume, coats, shoes and pets. The frame, conditions, agreements and the directions of the therapist must always be meet by the client and in any other case the therapist can cancel or stop the meeting/ process at the expense of the client. For full version of the business-terms please see at the bottom at the contact page and the English version of the confirmation -  ConfirEng. The terms are immediately and with no reservations accepted by all parties by booking, submission of personal contact information, payment and participation. Any condition/ situation/ circumstance/ incident/ disagreement is regulated by the most limiting term (till other solution is found) to the client and by Danish law. Any dispute is dealt with at an institution nearest to the therapist or at the choice of the therapist.

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